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Another Chip out of Debt

November 30th, 2009 at 11:00 am

I have totalled up what I have saved for paying off ex when told to proceed by my Lawyer.

$4400 - loan proceeds
$5000 - Savings in CU
$ 400 - Rent from Roomie for Nov-dec

$9800 - Total

As a result of realizing that I've accumulated almost 1/3 of what I owe him, I've decided to spend money on Christmas, and to also pump up my emergency fund (Which presently has $3K in it). I'm also half a month ahead on mortgage payments (which is good because I pay it 2 weeks ahead to avoid nasty late fees).

My Christmas for myself will be limited. I want a DVD, a new pair of work pants, and a Labrador proof trash can for the kitchen. Possibly a new purse, but that depends on pricing.

I am going to send gift cards to my nephews and nieces and pack up a box of goodies from Trader Joes (they don't have one in their vicinity).

I also am going to buy little gifts for people I work with, but will be careful on pricing - must be $5 or less or a food gift. (except boss - I'm buying him cashews).

The goal here is to spend under $250, and to make it fun.

I sold my wedding ring

November 23rd, 2009 at 10:16 am

I had a new first in my life. I went to a local well-known pawn shop and sold them my wedding band. No I am not desperate for food or anything. It's just that the band is a symbol of something very negative. So I prayed over it, that none of my stupidity in picking marital partners would rub off on anyone else, that if used in a marriage, that it be a source of joy and gladness, and then sold the sucker.

I feel like a weight is gone off me, so good decision.

And then I went out and purchased a pepper spray for self defense. This also seems symbolic of how my marriage ended, but at $10 with tax, it was a good investment in personal safety.

I found 2 pennies, I sold old cans and got $11.75.

I also played World of Warcraft and my guild killed the blood elf king - life is good.

New Roomie

November 16th, 2009 at 11:39 am

My roomate moved in this weekend, but didn't pay me. She told me that she gets her check this week, and will pay me then. I feel comfortable having her there (the chihuahua, the little hussy, took a nap on her lap!).

I paid next month's mortgage payment ahead because its BofA and they are nasty about lateness - I figured 2 weeks ahead of time would insure it.

I paid all the other bills for the month and purchased groceries, but I don't have money left for next week. However, I have so much stuff in the freezer, I figure I can get away with no grocery shopping or very limited shopping next week.

I wantonly got a muffin and a starbucks after payday. I normally haven't done this because I'm trying to save moola for the great ex-husband payoff, but I temporarily lost my mind and spent over 5 bucks.

I'm planning on going out to eat with my buddy on Thanksgiving, so no great plans for a turkey, which is probably wise, because man, that freezer is stuffed. I'm estimating $25 for that meal and hoping to spend less.

I found out that when food gets freezer burn (which I'm trying really hard to not do - I buy freezer bags and wrap for meat), you can boil it and give to your 3 spoiled rotton dogs as a treat.

I started composting, although I need an actual compost bin. Eventually, when I find the backyard beneath the lawn, I shall start some kind of garden, which I can do now because its the desert here.

I'm trying to decide if I'm spending anything at all for Christmas. I have decorations and a lovely artificial tree. I want to go to a free concert, and to see the Nutcracker, which will be $25. I can work food in the budget.

I have 6, count'em 6 nephews and nieces and one adorable grand niece, all living in Michigan. I already told them I may not be sending them anything or spending money. I may buy them foods I can only buy out here and ship them. Still not sure. They are all remarkably mature, and know about the divorce, so it would work. (They might even make a voodoo doll of the ex, which would be lovely).

I checked and I haven't spent anything out of my long term savings account for big bills, so I will actually have $5K out of that to pay off ex, along with the 4K back from the loan.

So far, I feel like I'm going to make it.

I cancelled a credit card last night

November 12th, 2009 at 09:43 am

Last night i went home and checked the balance on my B of A credit card, which I've not used since June or July. I don't like the way they change rates, and I was going to cancel the card. Lo and behold, there was a charge on October 20th for 3 conference calls to Skype for $10 each.

I told them I don't use Skype pay services, only their free services and Bank of America told me that maybe I made a mistake.

So I cancelled the card, immediately, and then sent an email to skype and checked my account which shows no credit card on their records and no bills. This shook me up, let me tell you. There were no other bills on the card. Skype wants a scan of the bill to check on, and I haven't received an actual bills, so I will wait on receiving a bill.

I keep wondering if my ex-hubby got ahold of the credit card information and did this to annoy me. It makes me angry.

I plan on fighting it tooth and nail. I won't pay for anything I never purchased.

Miz Pat

ANOTHER refund!

November 10th, 2009 at 04:02 pm

I received a refund check from my insurance company for $633. However, its made out to me an the ex- so I have to prove he doesn't own the house first to get a new check made out only to me.

I decided not to send this money to ex, but to put it in an emergency savings account, which is one of my goals.

I find it amazing I'm getting all this money lately, much of it not foreseen and consider it a blessing from God to help me not panic so much in the face of what to me seems like huge debt.

I've been able to make a large principle payment on my home loan, have money to pay ex spouse to reduce the $33K I owed him and now even money to start a new emergency fund.

I thank God for this sense of being in His hands and I hope to live up to this situation continuing with patience and grace.

A Chunk Off Debt

November 9th, 2009 at 09:00 am

I received an escrow check for $4,400 which I'm going to put toward my debt to my husband!

This brings me from $31,363.20 to $26,963.20.

My lawyer wants me to wait until she hears from him about the rest we owe him, so I put it in the bank. I feel glad to have such a big chunk taken off though.

What Do I Do When a Salesman Lies to Me?

November 2nd, 2009 at 07:59 am

Last month I had work done on my car - preventative maintenance. The salesman told me the work would be 70 dollars, but gave me a bill for 90. I brought it to his attention and he swiped my credit card, but today I got the bill with no credit. He lied!

I have the original bill and my credit card statement and today I will call the Car Dealership. I'm really disgusted right now.

Miz Pat