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Extra Principal Actually Added to Mortgage!!!!! and other Desert News

February 26th, 2010 at 04:40 pm

After all the absolute insanity of trying to get my extra mortgage payment actually put on the mortgage, I was deeply happy when BAU actually just cashed the check and properly credited it to the account.

It was so easy that I'm in shock. I was geared for another 3 months of total Mortgage company VS me!

Also last week, when going into a grocery store, I received a free newspaper.

Then they asked me if I would like to enroll a subscription.

I told her that I would, but only the sunday edition, because I don't read papers much and I like the coupons. She offered me a month of sundays for $4.35, home delivered. Then she told me if I promised to keep up the subscription for 3 months, she would give me a $10 gift card for Staters. What fun, getting moola back for something I had already planned on.

On the other hand, I got a free $52 back from Citibank and went out and spent it recklessly on local Greek Festival ($39 bucks on food) and the remaining $13 bucks on the local Date Festival. Unfortunately, the parking was $10, and I ended up buying religious icons (reproductions) from Russia for $20 and buying more food.

I went over budget, although I was good about spending only cash I had on hand, although I paid for the icons with a credit card.

And I actually went back again. First day no ticket price, second time $7 parking and $5 1/2 price for entry.

It was fun. I didnt' run up credit because as usual I wrote up the credit card balance in my checkbook as a purchase. When the credit card bill arrives, it will be ready to be paid for.

I Hate Doing Taxes

February 17th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

First of all, doing taxes has been a source of stress all my life (although I do get a huge kick out of reading the weird instructions, like, if you are blind, get someone to read this for you).

Second of all, I've decided to stop using Turbo Tax, because I don't like their parent company anymore and feel that they are unethical, ie an unethical company is not going to stand behind me if I need extra help from an Audit. And I don't want to support them. I think they are poo poo heads.

Third, I'm divorced and paid my hubby $32K and i'm not sure if its going to go on my taxes, or if its going to take a hit or not. It's not alimony, its in lieu of Alimony.

So this year, I will go to someone and ask for help on taxes.

Check from Mortgage Company came and cheap endorphins

February 8th, 2010 at 11:20 am

After months of nagging and begging, the check came. Its made out to the new Mortgage Company.

I have learned two things from this:

1) Nagging is good
2) Mortgage company's should be watched carefully and every payment and reduction in principal tracked.

I've started walking on my lunch break for half an hour and am up to 1.75 miles a day. I do it at work on a test area that they don't use often, and I love endorphins. I turned into the energizer bunny this week. And I've lost 1 lb, which may not seem like much, but really encourages me!!