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I sold my wedding ring

November 23rd, 2009 at 10:16 am

I had a new first in my life. I went to a local well-known pawn shop and sold them my wedding band. No I am not desperate for food or anything. It's just that the band is a symbol of something very negative. So I prayed over it, that none of my stupidity in picking marital partners would rub off on anyone else, that if used in a marriage, that it be a source of joy and gladness, and then sold the sucker.

I feel like a weight is gone off me, so good decision.

And then I went out and purchased a pepper spray for self defense. This also seems symbolic of how my marriage ended, but at $10 with tax, it was a good investment in personal safety.

I found 2 pennies, I sold old cans and got $11.75.

I also played World of Warcraft and my guild killed the blood elf king - life is good.

7 Responses to “I sold my wedding ring”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think you made a good decision!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Wait what? You didn't say anything about playing World of Warcraft! Got anything good from Iliden?

    I used to play a little bit, but I don't anymore. I don't know why. I suppose the social aspect of it is the main draw, but my friends all had strange hours, so it was hard to get together and play.

    Hey, if you're ever on Team Fortress 2 on the PC instead, look me up!

    Oh yeah, about the wedding ring. I understand about getting rid of it. My ex got rid of everything that had anything to do with us. Slash and burn. Kind of funny when I look back at it, because she used to tell me how her mother did that every time she divorced, and my ex never quite understood that. I guess she does now.

    Which is a bummer, because we had some nice stuff that I would just love to keep. I'd even pay her some money so I can keep it. Not for sentimental reasons, mind you, but because they were cool. They should be, because I helped pick it out. Our dishes for example, and our old digital camera. But she wouldn't have any of it.

    The part where she didn't want ME to keep anything is the part that I don't get. Can anyone explain that part to me?

  3. miz pat Says:

    Your Ex is being mean and nasty there - that's why. I mailed everything the ex asked for, but i do recall a temptation to run over the boxes with my car, especially when he made demands and is living with his girl friend merrily using drugs and drinking while he spends my money. GRRRR

    Yes I play WOW along with a lot of the guys at work. We have ventrillo and a nice guild, and its usually a riot. The King didn't drop much - we all got about six gold, but if we kill the other 3 kings - we get a bear mount, which would be kewl.

    Its Thanksgiving on the game, and we're all running about shooting turkeys and cooking too. One of the achievements is to go to each enemy capital and sit at their dinner tables. Worked out well, except at the UnderCity where about 30 horde boiled out and hit our team of seven. Many of us died dramatically, but many more of them died before we went down.

  4. momcents Says:

    I am still close with my XSIL - she had beautiful diamond earrings on and when I asked if they were a gift, she smiled and said she "traded up" from her engagement ring and wedding band.

    No sense keeping something like that!

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Your ex-husband sounds like a real winner there. Big Grin You'll be much better off without him. Good luck on the war bear!

  6. Jerry Says:

    I agree that it was high time to let go of that particular piece of jewelry, considering all the negative emotions that it seemed to lead to! I'm glad that you took the time to give it an emotional cleanse, as well. Whether that matters in the long run or not, I think it's good karma (or whatever) to think of other people in that way. I think that it will give some insurance that good will come your way because of it, frankly. Here's to a bright future and to not having to use the pepper spray! =)

  7. miz pat Says:

    Thanks there Jerry. I think negativity can take place in areas (of course it just may be my cognitive appraisal of the situation). I know my home seemed dark and gloomy and actually had weird "haunting" activities (like all the lights in the kitchen going on and off in the middle of the night) while the ex-hubby was there. When he left, I prayed over the house, and by golly, the whole house changed to a place of light and peace.

    So praying for the ring seemed appropriate. It sure lightened me up having it gone.

    Oh and I spent more on the proceeds - 2 used science fiction books and a lunch with a girl friend moving out of state looking for work. And lily of the valley lotions and body wash for $2.50 at Ross.

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