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I have saved $17K - Another Goal Reached and Roomate Problems

December 11th, 2010 at 10:54 pm

This week I hit my save $17,000 to payoff He Who Shall Not Be Named (Ex-Spouse). Now I only owe him $15,000 which I can pay off with a loan from my credit union if he demands the money. I presume he is spending my 401K and living large but he'll eventually demand the rest so now I feel ready.

On the sad side, my room mate has told me she can't stand living with me because of the way I keep the kitchen and that I slight her and make her feel invisible. I was shocked. I thought she was just being grumpy and distant because she's like that alot. She seems to have a power thing going her - after telling me she's leaving she demanded I fix a hinge on her bedroom door.

Then she paid me half the rest of the month's rent - and told me she would be paying $300 a month now because she had car problems.

After discussing this with my priest, I wrote her a note which I'll put on the counter tomorrow morning before i go to church. I'm telling her - no- you don't tell me what the rent is and you owe me $100 bucks and #2 I want a date when you will be out of the house because this arrangement isn't working out. If you don't give me a date, then I'll give you one. (Local law stipulates 1 to 2 months unless they don't pay rent).

I don't think I am having any more roomates after this. I thought everything was relatively fine, while she was apparently miserable and expecting me to understand all this through ESP.

I'm thankful that her paying rent helped me reach the goal of $17,000 to pay the Ex, but I don't need to put up with this kind of stuff to survive.

I'm kind of proud that I am not blaming myself for all of this. In the past I would have been sure I'm a bad person, but right now, I realize I did this as a favor. I did a lot of very kind things for her - including forgiving one month's rent. Since she didn't actually communicate in English about what was bugging her, and instead just stewed about it (again -my ESP is really poor) and since I in no way was trying to be mean or thoughtless, I think she's just taking advantage of me and in some kind of power thing of dictating to me.

Now that I've reached this financial goal, my next goals are improvements to the house:
new mail box
security screen door
lemon tree
fix sprinkler to area where lemon tree will be
insulated windows
insulation in attic
and maybe an HP netbook to use at work and write my stories on.
Roth IRA