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Met a Savings goal!!!!

August 2nd, 2010 at 03:25 pm

Today I now have $15,181.55 in the account I'm saving to pay my ex-husband. This is in lieu of alimony. I owe him 32K, but this is almost half and $15K seemed like a true bear to reach, so I'm happy.

Only $2K to go before I will be down to owing him $15K. At that point, if he demands payment, I'll be able to take out a personal loan at my credit union (they fund $15K personal loans). While I'm not wild about getting a new loan, I do want to feel I have a chance to get him paid off without borrowing against my 401K.

I also have $906 in my short term account, $3000 in my yearly bill payment fund and $5778.00 in my emergency fund. Unfortunately I only have $2K in an ira, but I'm working on it.