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Dog Gestapo Came A Calling or My life of Crime

June 12th, 2014 at 08:39 am

I never got any of my rescue dogs their license. I have 6 rescue dogs currently.

The dog Gestapo came a calling and wanted my nephew to show them their licenses. They gave him a correctable citation for $3500 that we have 20 days to get them all their shots (they have them but are due on many of them in July), get microchipped (theyy are but I have to prove they are microchipped - $25/dog), fixed (they are all fixed but I have to prove it too), and then pay past due fees for never getting licenses.

They are going all over the county to poor neighborhoods and doing this, causing a lot of poor people to have their dogs put to sleep or worse, to abandon them in the desert.

I found out I can only have 4 dogs, but am hoping they will let me have them all - Since this appears to be a way of getting tons of money and killing off little innocent creatures.

I have uptodate records on the two latest rescue dogs, but I can't find my stuff on the other 4, so this is going to be an expense, but its my own fault for never getting the licenses.

And oh the stress of knowing I was in the wrong. but now my life of crime is over and my doggies will be legal.

What a week.

This gripe session brought to you by Miz Pat