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Christmas is coming and i ain't getting Fat!

November 16th, 2011 at 02:33 pm

Sung to the tune for "Christmas is coming and the Geese are Getting Fat", a traditional British Song.

I am going through a mixture of feeling Christmasy and feeling sad. My neighbor's son passed yesterday at 59 of the effects of kidney disease, in particular an infection caught at the hospital. No Mom should have to watch her child die and she's a special and much loved friend.

In my Church, yesterday was the official beginning to the FAST before Christmas. Yes, we diet before the holidays. Actually, its kind of a solemn and joyous thing to do, and is kind of the equivalent in some ways to not pigging out at lunch before you go out for that big huge dinner. So I'm eating more simply and trying to steer clear of the things that really don't do my diabetes much good anyway.

I have not gone into debt this year, but I haven't met my savings goals and have done some impulse shopping. I made a Christmas Budget, and who knows, may stick with it. I have extra in my credit union account that I might put toward getting the garage insulated which would help with fuel bills.

I just want to wish everyone on the list the best and richest of God's blessings this holiday season. May you make memories that shine like stars, and not have to raid your cookie jars.

Take care