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I'm meeting some savings goals $1272 saved since January

March 9th, 2009 at 10:33 am

After a rough beginning, I'm starting to meet my savings goals. So far, I've saved $1272 since January 1, 2009. I'm hoping to recoup all the money the soon to be ex-husband took when he left.

Some of the things I did to get to this point are:
1. Cooking ahead at home
2. Buying meat, fresh fruits and veggies and staples on sale (I have an extra freezer for meats, butter, whole grain flour, etc.)
3. Consolidated my phone, internet and cable to $106 a month (for a 2 year contract). I can call as much as I like in the U.S.
4. Made sure I was taking advantage of paying bills in big lumps, instead of month - this always means some savings (on insurance, my subscription to World of Warcraft, etc.)
5. Being careful of the electrical and gas utilities
6. Rigorously paying all credit card bills immediately (Have received $66 in rebates for cash back so far).

I might add that I have another savings account that is just for yearly expenses (like the automobile insurance, the extra electrical utilities in the summer months, car work, my World of Warcraft subscription, my Zoo Membership, Christmas, vacations and my pledge to my church). This is not a long term savings account, but a way of budgeting ahead for bills that don't come every week or month.