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Life with a 70 year old Roomie

April 14th, 2009 at 02:40 pm

Just letting you guys know my new roomie is settled in and a huge blessing. She fixed up my yard, cleaned up my garage, washes dishes, and snuggles the dogs. She also fixed the door on my oven.

She even likes my cooking!

And she enjoys everything. If we go for a ride, she is so observant - it turns going out to pick up perscriptions into a fun outing.

My taxes this year were $683 (at least I hope so, the IRS rejected my efile, so I might even have to pay more).

Take note--if you get a divorce, do not forget to change withholdings, cause the tax rates are different.

My goal on savings has really helped me to deal with emergencies and to get the most out of simple things.

My next goal will be to have a garden in the back yard. I live in the desert so I'm hoping to find a way to use grey water, etc. to keep the plants properly hydrated.

Thrift rules, but God rules even more.