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Nephew #2 Arrived Safely

October 7th, 2013 at 07:40 am

Nephew #2 is here and I am so happy. They are such nice intelligent young men. We took them to our favorite Mexican restaurante for carne asada and he loved it. I love seeing where I live through new eyes. He thinks the desert is beautiful, and was excited seeing palm trees.

We stocked up on groceries, and I purchased 2 folding chairs and a laundry basket (we were running out of chairs).

So far, I haven't destroyed this month's budget either. We are eating healthy foods and Nephew #1 is a better cook than I am. He made pizza from scratch and it was wonderful.

Nephew #2 is the one who made me very proud financially. He called me when he got his first job and asked how much he should save, like 20%. I told him, if you are living at home, after you give your Mom and Dad money to help out, you stick 90% in the bank and save $10K and then put it in a safe long term investment fund. You will have started to save for retirement and you will have learned to save. That this may be his biggest opportunity to get started on good finances, when he's still at home and doesn't have a house and car to pay for.

And he did just that - he saved $10,000. I am so proud of him. Today he is checking out banks in the area.

It is exciting to hear both of them talking and laughing. And the dogs like him alot. They barked initially, but follow him around and jump on his lap and demand scritches.