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My Dear Friend and Roomate has Passed Away

July 28th, 2009 at 02:12 pm

She fell down and hit her head, and according to the coroner, her brain started to bleed internally.

At 11 am that day I had hugged her and told her to live forever and ever and the next day they decided to take her off a respirator and she was gone.

She moved into my spare room in February. She had very little money and I didn't charge her rent, I just wanted her to have a resting place. She was a wonderful person.

I suppose this is off topic, but I want you guys to know that a good, sweet person is gone, and that her life was worthwhile and praiseworthy.

Please pray for her family

Miz Pat

Not Meeting my Savings Goals and Learning to use tools

July 13th, 2009 at 02:27 pm

I just realized I didn't meet my 6 month goal for savings. But I did realize that part of it is because I had to replace my car radiator ($500) and my garage door ($1158). So while I didn't meet my savings goal, I was able to meet true emergencies without further debt, and get a check from my credit card (which I pay off monthly) for $71.00, which I lavishly spent at Ross dress for less for a skirt, a top, sandels and a griddle (all of which I needed, especially the sandels and griddle).

I am the proud owner of an electric drill (with i use with a 50 foot cord if necessary). I tried to drill a hole through my patio door, so i could run a dowel through it for security, but it didn't work. Today I went to the guys at work and got a center punch and directions on using said drill (which i use with safety glasses).

I learned that there are drill bits for metal and drill bits for wood and drill bits for both. I may need a bigger bit, but bit by bit (bad pun) I'm learning to do these things for myself. I brought a/c filters and changed the filter and screwed the cover back into the ceiling so the darn thing wouldn't fall off.

Slowly but surely, I'm learning to do things for myself. I am not wildly smart at this stuff, but I'm getting better at it and I can save money doing small repairs and get so I understand what they are doing with the large repairs.