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Spent Money on Shoes

July 2nd, 2013 at 10:57 am

I don't know about you guys, but I'm 57 and my feet hurt after an 11 hour day. So this weekend I hesitantly went and purchased shoes that cost $118 each. This is the first time I have purchased new shoes that didn't hurt horribly the first day and make my feet break out in blisters.

I used my Birthday budget, which generally goes for things like clothing,

14 Responses to “Spent Money on Shoes”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    What kind, Pat? We need a review!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I hope that wasn't $118 for each shoe! Smile

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Some shoes are worth the money for comfort, I'm sure you picked a good pair.

  4. Miz Pat Says:

    They were SAS shoes, which are handmade in Texas. The leather is extremely soft and I have to admit, my feet were happy.

    I got two pairs, $118 each - One is a bone colored one and the other is a black loafer. So far, my feet aren't screaming at me, so they may be a good investment. I've had people tell me they last very long.

    Note I usually only buy one pair of shoes a year, and I splurged because the puppies have eaten some of my shoes. By order of the Allergist, they are no longer allowed in my room and I am storing the shores in their original boxes there. The little stinkers all sniffed appreciatively at the bag when I brought them home.

  5. Kiki Says:

    I broke most of the bones in one foot when I was volunteering abroad in 2001. I will scrimp in other wardrobe areas, buy sales, etc. but I will not scrimp on shoes. Comfortable shoes means happy me. I have been known to buy $100 shoes, but they also tend to last longer and I treat them better.

    My feet are much happier and no pain!

  6. CB in the City Says:

    I bought two pairs of short boots for about $100 each pair last fall. They were comfortable to walk in and I wore them almost every day in the winter. They were a good investment.

  7. Miz Pat Says:

    Oh Kiki, I'm so sorry about the bone breakage - May I say EEEEEE. I guess I'm built for comfort not for speed now because I wholeheartedly agree. I'm wearing the new shoes on the second day. I'm experiencing a little discomfort as opposed to extreme agony, so I'm pleased.

    Oh CB that was a good find. The store had $200 pumps that looked very professional and non-painful, but I just couldn't stand the thought of spending any more money. However, I may try to save on the side for them and see if I really want them. Money jar saving makes me reconsider whether i really need something or not. So nice to hear from everyone so much. I missed the sense of a community.

  8. My English Castle Says:

    Once you find a brand and style you like--in the right size, I'll bet you can find them on the internet for less. My friends with wide feet sear by Keens--and they usually order them online for about 20% less than in stores. Glad you're back with us, Miz Pat!

  9. Miz pat Says:

    Thank you, dear lady

  10. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Those kind of shoes, SAS, Ecco, Rockport, Keen... their comfort and durability are always worth the money, like a good mattress.

  11. baselle Says:

    Shoes are definitely one of those items that the "cheapest man pays more" on. If they are comfortable and they last longer they are going to be worth it in the long run. You'll make up for it if the cost/day goes down.

    Good hearing from you!

  12. librarylady Says:

    Same here. I will not wear shoes that don't support me well. I like Merrells and Clarks.

  13. Miz Pat Says:

    Thanks for all the information. I hadn't heard of Merrells and Clarks before so now I will do what all good frugals do - Google!

  14. scottish girl Says:

    I've never heard or Merrells - I'm not sure if they're sold here - but I love Clarks shoes! SG's first pair of shoes were from Clarks, and the ones I wear to work are Clarks. I had a cheaper pair but they didn't last so I replaced them with a pair from Clarks.

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