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My Garage is insulated and has drywall!!!

March 29th, 2012 at 01:45 pm

I'm so excited. The garage looks great and the insulation should make a big difference in the living room and kitchen. Only bad thing is the garage door opener will open but not close with the control - may have to pay to get it fixed - my contractor is my neighbor. He also put new filter stuff in the swamp cooler so I'm set to start summer.

I also got 2 days of overtime which translated to $450 dollars which will go towards tiling the bedroom and bathroom.

And so far I can take one pack of insulation back to Home Depot for a refund.

I saved $800 last year in utilities from insulating the attic. I put that money toward the garage project. So far I've spent $170 on insulation, $560 on drywall work and $300 on the installation of the insulation and the work on the swamp cooler - So really my out of pocket expense so far is $230.

And the dogs only ran away 6 times while they were doing the work. The little stinkers.

2 Responses to “My Garage is insulated and has drywall!!!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Wow, insulating the attic lead you to $800 in utility savings?! That is impressive... and also kind of scary that your attic was leaking that much energy. It will be nice to have the insurance that you don't have to worry about THAT again. Wink Jerry

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Dear Jerry:

    Its because the house was old and had absolutely no insulation and because i live in the desert and in June, July, August and September we get from 110 to 125 degrees heat. A/C is very important to daily survival for me.

    Take care.

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