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Queenie and Princess

August 8th, 2011 at 11:15 am

Here they are

10 Responses to “Queenie and Princess”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    Well - that didn't work!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Upload them to
    Text is www.photobucket.com and Link is
    www.photobucket.com and then pick the IMG format and copy and paste it here. It always works when the in host photo thing here malfunctions.

  3. Miz Pat Says:

    I'll try it tonight

  4. Nika Says:

    Yes, we want to see!

  5. nate Says:


    You just need to add the img tag (9312) in your blog entry. I see your image did upload correctly.

  6. Miz Pat Says:

    Can you guys see anything? I added a tag line.

  7. dmontngrey Says:

    Yes, they are there! Cute!

  8. Nika Says:

    Very cute. They look so small and helpless... it is great you gave them a home.

  9. baselle Says:

    Very, very cute! Is Queenie the gold one and Princess the black one with her green terry toy?

  10. Miz Pat Says:

    Queenie is the black one, who is massively smaller than her daughter, Princess. But she is definitely the Mama, when they found them, they couldn't catch Queenie until they caught Princess, then she rushed to them to rescue her baby. She is a great little mom.

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