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Paying for Home Improvements

September 10th, 2007 at 09:50 pm

I am paying cash for the labor on these improvements. I am using credit cards to pay for the materials, and hope to pay off the balance on the credit cards very quickly, because I generally don't leave any kind of a balance on my credit cards. (drives them CRAZY too).

It feels like pulling teeth though. I don't want to spend my money all at one time. I know if I decided, I could float a small loan and pay that off, and it would be better than credit card debt.

At the same time, i'm not spending emergency money, so in a way this is a culmination of two goals, to have emergency savings, and to have the ability to make important purchases with a sense of empowerment.

1 Responses to “Paying for Home Improvements”

  1. Mark Grant Says:

    I really like your choice and paying a credit card's bill is always tough then paying a loan, as ther are few advantages on it like you need not to pay all the credit at once second low rate of interst. So I really like your thinking.

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